What do you need?

It’s a simple question and one we don’t ask ourselves enough. So, right now, I invite you to pause and ask yourself:-

What do I need, right now?

You may be surprised by the answer. Also, you may find the answer changes at different points in the day.

For me, right now, I need rest. I have woken up with yet another winter virus (I just had a different one last week) so my needs are fairly simple today. I need tea, chocolate, rest, PJs, my kindle, Netflix and lots of medicine. So, I’m going to give that to myself. Why not? I deserve it. And so do you. Recognising your needs and acting on them is one of the ultimate acts of self care in my book.

Love, Alice x

4 thoughts on “What do you need?

    1. Ah, that one might be a bit tricky! How about a new way to cope with headache pain? Have you read about using mindfulness for pain? There’s loads of stuff on YouTube about it. It helps your brain accept the pain, in my experience.

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